Sunday school material:
Numerous stories based on Biblical Characters (1960-70)
    "Come as a Child" Published by The United Church of Canada. 1994

Numerous newspaper columns:            
          Grieve & Grow      . . .  
          Seasons of Life. .  

Articles, Booklets and Papers:
Seeker of Truth: (short story) Wellington County Historical. Society. Vol 2, 1992                                                   . . 
“Life Time of Writing”: (article)  Canadian Authors Association 1993
"The Talk of the Town". Canadian Council on Social Development Newsletter, Ottawa, Winter Edition. 1993
     Community awareness in Grey-Bruce Counties                                                   . . . 
Zion's Memories: Memoirs, 1995 
"Ontario Rural Woman Abuse Study" (ORWAS). Ottawa: Justice Canada. 1998
"Your Roots are Showing": A Study of the Roots of Positive and Negative Attitudes Toward Clergy Women" Doctoral Thesis. 1999 
"God, You Come" A journal entry after living in community with members of Church of Our Saviour,Washington, DC .   
"Mother's Day: How to Celebrate it in the Church"
"Drive or To Be Driven" -  2012 
"Snowman, Snowm'am, What's Your Name?" Fergus-Elora New Express March, 2013. Show me

Stay in touch with the progress of the Agnes Macphail Recognition Project (2004-2009)

TAKE TIME TO MAKE MEMORIES: Memoirs. ABM Publishing, Durham.1996
WINTERGRIEF: Personal Response to Grief. Essence Publishing  2003.
AGGIE'S STORMS: Agnes's Public School Years:  September 2007.  
AGGIE'S DREAM:  Agnes Macphail's high school years. September, 2010  
AGGIE'S VOICE: AgnesMacphail at Stratford Normal School. September 2013
      (The First Women elected to Canadian Parliament. All Aggie books published by Brucedale Press, Pt Elgin, ON) 
A RARE FIND: Ethel Ayres Bullymore - Legend of an Epic Canadian Midwife (Castle Quay Book Canada (2013)            Ethel Ayres Bullymore site- (original page)

DRAMA AND PLAYS                                           
“I Wonder - I Do” 1 Act Children's Musical Drama. Produced four times (1980-2006) . . . more
“The Zion Christmas Tree”  Drama produced 1995
“Are you There?” 1 Act Children’s Christmas play, produced 1996                                   
“A Gift of Time” 3 Act church historical drama produced for 140th anniversary.1997 . . . more 
“Everybody’s Christmas Tree” 3 Act play. 2009

21 PROMISES: Honouring Self in the midst of Grief  


FAITHFUL CHOICES: Finding Common Ground (A resource for rural/small congregations)
  • Congregational Study For Small Congregations
  • How do rural congregation assess their vitality?
  • What is so special about small congregations that they continue to meet regularly?  

Middle Grade Fiction: Slippery Slopes  
                                   Jodi's Shadows

Children's Chapter Book: I Want Jeans

Adult - Inspirational Fiction: Emma's Call
                                            Isabella's Prayer  
                                            Miss Deli's Diary              
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