In Grey County we signed roads, built a memorial, 
planted Maple trees, acknowledged property
and celebrated Agnes Macphail.
2011 was the 90th year of Agnes Macphail's
 first year in Canada's House of Commons
Find a way to remember her.

Life is a continuous process of new 
birth and change: the challenge is to
 discover and celebrate both. 
This is a journey from the time of my
 birth to many other times of rebirth. 
A humble beginning in the front 
bedroom of a farm house initiates
 a life filled with joys and sorrows.

Sorry - Out of Print - 
plan to format as e-book
 First Page Read  
ISBN 0-9681321-0-3
Pages: 90
 Donna J Mann
GRIEVE AND GROW: A collection of columns (e-book soon) 
Mount Forest Confederate; 
Markdale Standard; 
Flesherton/Dundalk Herald

What to give at Christmas time
Winter Grievers
A Part of the Bigger Picture
Grief is a Journey
Accumulative Grief
Rote and Rude versus Helpful and Heartfelt
Some Flowers like Memories Fade
Catching up - An important part of the Grief Process
Facing the New Year

21 Promises: Honouring Self in Grief
Sometimes it's easier to make promises
to God and others rather than to self..  
21 Promises comforts and challenges readers during and following loss,
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MeadowLane character profiles are based on the same character traits as schools teach, i.e. cooperation, honesty, inclusiveness, caring, respect equality and responsibility. 
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Readers: Sharon Sinclair
       Vi Wilson
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Who Will Save Oliver's Tree? coming soon in e-book picture book, illustrated by Sarah Nickel. "Oliver, the owl loves his high tree, but Farmer John thinks he will cut it down. 
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I Wonder I Do
A Gift of Time
'Tis The Season: Everybody's Christmas Tree

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 WINTERGRIEF:  A Personal Response to Grief  
Anyone who has mourned the death of a loved one
yearns to remember - but memories hurt. So we often work at forgetting and miss establishing a precious relationship through reflection. Reviewers refer to this book as 'getting a hug in the middle of despair.'. 
  • Publisher: Essence (Belleville) 2003
  • ISBN: 1553065905
  • Pages: 71

WinterGrief is also available through Amazon

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"The childhood story of a little girl who grew up in Grey County and becamethe first woman elected to Canadian Parliament"
Publisher: Brucedale Press. Pt Elgin

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ISBN: 978-1-896922-37-9                    
Pages: 130 
​PRICE: $15.00

"Can you imagine her excitement when she entered  the grand assembly hall of Owen Sound Vocational Institute where debaters and orators shared the stage."
Publisher: Brucedale Press. Pt Elgin
Price 20.00 
ISBN: 978-1-896922-46-1
Pages: 193


AGGIE'S VOICE - (2013) 
From a log house in Grey County to Stratford Normal School to a country classroom. Agnes Macphail achieves her life long dream.of becoming a teacher. 

Publisher: Brucedale Press. Pt Elgin
Price $20.00 
ISBN 978-1-896922-57-7
Pages 180
In 2012 I was recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for my writing and volunteer work concerning the Agnes Macphail Project. Thank you for this honour!
A RARE FIND: ETHEL AYRES BULLYMORE - Legend of an Epic Canadian Midwife (2013)

The year is 1910 and practical nurse Ethel Kemp is making plans to leave Enfield, England and come to Canada with her four-year-old daughter.But, like other plans that went awry, this could not happen. When would Elsie come and join her parents in Canada? Ethel asked this question through poverty, the Great War, the flu epidemic and other tragedies. In hardship, grief and uncertainty, Ethel shared her love for people, strengthening herself and others.

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ISBN 978-1-927355-15-2 (pbk.)
Pages 182

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Ms. Mariah is always having a new adventure. She made her debut appearance at the Elora PreSchool in November, 2011 to tell the children about Ms Mariah's Moving Day, when she moved to town. 
* She's back with,  
        Ms. Mariah needs a Friend.
* And through the winter she talked about,              Ms. Mariah's Magic Places
Ms. Mariah went to Vacation Bible Camp and told a story.
Watch to see what story Ms. Mariah will bring the next time she visits.
 The Agnes Macphail Series
As Agnes journeys through these years, she becomes aware of the importance of equality, justice and integrity of life. Who speaks for those with no voice? Who writes and reads Canadian rules and laws of the land with the underprivileged in mind? Who monitors quality of life for the miner, the prisoner, the farmer, men, women and children? She brings a passion for life of all ages.
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GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE is an anthology filled with real stories respecting and affirming the individuality of grief and the reality of hope. GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE offers no specific formula for grieving but it does offer an opportunity for readers to know they are not alone. Many of the stories are faith-filled true experiences of encounters with a living, loving God. Other stories relay a different kind of grieving and how those who are left behind cope in a crisis. Death is part of life. Sometimes it can be a very painful part of life but it is something none of us can escape. Deep grief is a sign of deep love and the passionately written stories in GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE honour and recognize that everyone grieves differently.
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