Continued: Where do I start? Right there in your life is subject matter — personal relationships, happenings of large and small proportion. If you were to make a list of events in your life, which ones would appear at the top?

Perhaps you helped establish a new hospice in your community. If your stories are closer to home — how you handled a busy household, gardened and shared your gardening expertise, knit sweaters and hats for preemies in the hospital, or were involved in a community organization — those stories are waiting to be told or written.

Of course, you will consider sensitivity to those around you as you write, so as not to cause hurt. Indeed some stories may be suitable only for a private journal, but others will find a shared heart as you open your experiences and personal interpretation with those around you. And once you start, see where it goes.

Your story may touch another life for the better, indeed a recollection is for the reader. Discover Your Story can help with that exploration in writing.

Story prompt: Where does your story begin? - Carolyn