This is the story of how we choose to remember and celebrate 

AGNES MACPHAIL (1890 - 1955) 

Everything has a beginning: roots that begin to grow from little seedlings of curiosity, or information or invitation. The story of the Agnes Macphail Project is no exception. Although I'd always had an interest in the life and work of Agnes, I had read it from a distance, almost objectively. . . more

The Community Remembers Agnes Macphail
To Celebrate 84 years since Agnes was elected the first woman to Canadian Parliament.

An overflowing crowd packed the side of Grey County Road #9 (Lot 7, Con. 12, Southgate Township) to watch Larry Miller: Member of Parliament, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound and Jodi Hooker: a student from . . .         more

Interview with a member of Grey County Historical Society:

Thank you for making the effort to come over. It meant a lot to me to have the Historical Society and the committee represented . . . .  . . .  more

Grey County Celebrates Agnes Macphail Day on Saturday June 24th
Dundalk Herald/Flesherton Advance
Donna Mann, Project Organizer
Snowstorms on Agnes’s important days were no surprise. She was born in a snowstorm, lost her election because of a snowstorm and was buried during a snowstorm. “The wind and snow were still blowing fiercely when the services at Priceville ended, but a township plow had spent much of the day breaking open the road a mile south to the McNeil Cemetery (Agnes Macphail: Reformer, Doris Pennington).. ..                                                  . . . . .  more

Tradition of serving community
Agnes's great uncle, Thomas Campbell served Proton Township as councillor from 1859 to 1861 and her grandfather, Alexander McPhail served as Reeve for the township 1872, 1873 and 1885. There are still a great number of descendents from the Macphail/McPhail and Campbell families living in Southgate and our neighbouring townships. The project committee feels the cairn will be an historical tourist attraction for the Township of Southgate and the County of Grey. 

Macphail Treasures

When Isabel Daley, formerly of Durham and now living in London, parted with some treasured possessions from the past, she contributed to an growing collection of personal artifacts being catalogued for viewing at the Agnes Macphail Day                                                                  more

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MARCH 24th, 1890 - FEBRUARY 13th,1954
from your people of South-East Grey 

Welcome! This website is launched in celebration of the 120th birthday of Agnes Macphail: the first woman to be elected to Canadian Parliament.It will document the five year project from 2005 to the present time (2010) in South-East-Grey Country to raise awareness of the life, work and witness of Agnes Macphail. The site will be an ongoing project as more information is gathered, so visit often. Please email Donna Mann at [email protected] if you have comments, corrections or additions..