Writing a story can be like following a recipe. Think about the seeds, sprouts, grains. Consider the soil in which they grew. Was it rocky, swamp, rich fertile soil? Think about adding the ingredients in a certain order. My bread-making machine wants the yeast added last. Interesting.
Thinking time is precious time. Contemplating how to write someone's story is holy ground. Putting pen to paper takes courage. Allowing words to become sentences, phrases and paragraphs is fascinating. Reading your work aloud is exciting. Reading it to others confirms your confidence. Saying, "I am a writer", shows you believe in yourself, have accepted the gift God has given you and are ready to open it.
Six week course includes: On-line community (See Facebook)
                                      Weekly lessons in your own time
                                      One critique and mentoring included.
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Thanks for your cooperation.                                   Donna Mann
Week 1:  Good start            
Week 2:  Name the person 
Week 3   You are . . . 
Week 4 
Week 5  
Week 6  
WRITING YOUR FAMILY STORY is an exciting part of the process toward discovering who you are. Is there someone in your family that has influenced you and others? You might want to begin there. Perhaps you'd like to create a time-line or family tree of known ancestors and write a collective piece. Maybe you'd even like to give some of these ancestors a voice and write through a creative non-fiction style in setting and with dialogue. 

         'WRITING YOUR FAMILY STORY'  by Donna Mann 2008
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Writing My Family Story

Welcome to this story-writing website. It is a good place to write, share what you would like with me and/or others and learn to find a treasure in most experiences. It’s also a place to encourage others and to be encouraged.

Bringing family stories together is a little like stepping up to the table where a pot-luck meal has been set out. Different size dishes, some with meat, vegetables, pickles, etc. Even the styles of dishes offer variety.

Often a glass lid covers the content, waiting for a hungry man, woman or child to test their taste buds. So it is with family stories. Some we devour, others we look at with reservation and even to some we say, “Not interested at this time”. And that’s an alright thing to do. Why? Because pot-luck means variety and we all know it also means that there will be enough for everybody. Saying all of this, we’re never made feel that we have to taste from every dish. It is this waywith writing.

So what’s your story? Do you have an interesting family? Maybe an ordinary family with extraordinary experiences. Or perhaps there is one person in your family about whom you would like to learn. This is a perfect place to begin the process. Would you like to join the many folks who have already stepped up to the table.

Writing Your Family Story (information, resouces and assignments) has room for you. Lessons are free, but are password protected so you will need to register. If you wish a critique and/or mentoring through the six week period, there is a $30 registration fee. This will be sufficient time for you to begin your family story. The more excited you get about this project, the more stories you will think about and soon your three-ringed binder will be bulging with notes, snippets, pictures and charts.

 Happy feasting.
"I have just completed your 6 week course ”Writing family stories”. I had never written anything before this course, but I must say I am now excited, and so passionate about the new project I have taken on. Donna, you are such an inspiration to me. I want to say a big thank you for introducing me to this new world. My only regret is that the course was only six weeks long. If ever you find yourself offering another one, I would greatly appreciate an email, and I will be there…..whether it’s at the senior centre or elsewhere. Thanks again, Sue"