It's been a while since I posted to this site, and I admit I've mised writing to you. I've returned this blog to my website - going to keep everything under one roof. So, if you're looking for something that should be in a specific place - it might not be there for a while as I'm reconstructing content.

Many situations on television, in newspapers, in my life and others have saddened me. Hoping the Pandemic is behind us, but still being aware of possible new waves can make us a bit anxious about the fall/winter season. Voices tell us we must learn to live with Covid, understanding caution and prevention. Even here, we might find ourselves standing alone in our grief. Are we able to name our support?

You may have experienced rejection or abandonment, or your confidence has been bent out of shape. Have you felt betrayed by a friend, or been let down in the workplace, book club, church or community? Did a loved one die during this time, and you're walking in grief? Where did your support come from and by whom?

Did you become aware of those who choose to talk about the weather, not your pain and who failed to meet you in your space? Perhaps you’ve gained mobility issues that robbed you of freedom. Maybe your neighbour rejected you because of the stand you took around mandates in your province. Or did this happen in a family setting? 

Sometimes rejection, because that’s an uncomfortable position, gives us understanding. So, in these situations, we might gain new awareness. When we move away from what has given us additional grief and start to reflect on what was and is, we may find we rise above what troubles us. And we begin to maintain our stability. Some of these things take longer than others, but hopefully, balance will come in time.

And now it’s your turn. Can you name a few difficult areas where you’ve gained new understanding? Write in your journal or send me a message from the invitation on the front page. It's private.
Grieve and  Grow ~ Perfect Equation

What does it take to stand against the wind? 
                   by DONNA MANN