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Award-winning author Donna Mann has written both fiction and non-fiction as well as several musical and drama publications. She is a wife and mother with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. After returning to school in midlife, the Rev. Donna served full-time in the Word, Sacrament, and Pastoral Care in three pastoral charges before taking the opportunity to return thanks and earn her doctorate. She wrote her thesis on the roots of positive and negative attitudes towards clergywomen.
A Woman of Faith: Book One

Emma Taylor has worked hard to be faithful in her role as a dutiful minister's wife in her small-town church. Though both she and her husband previously studied and served together in ministry, life in 1930s Noble comes with a different set of expectations, and she limits God's call on her life to serving the faith community and others in more acceptable ways.

After tragedy alters her plans, Emma is forced to review her life and decide whether to let other people's expectations continue to limit her call.

In Emma's Call, author Donna Mann reflects on one woman's struggle between God's calling and her church's understanding of women in leadership.
"At twelve years of age, I had never seen a woman behind a pulpit to preach—not one. Our rural area of small towns and farmland asked men to fill their pulpits. Then came the Rev. (Miss) Jean Donaldson, who was back in Canada from
the mission field. It was 1951 and Alma United Church covenanted with her to serve in the pastoral charge.

Rev. Jean was the first woman I saw in the pulpit wearing a collar: a missionary and unmarried. Later, on my confirmation day, when I renewed the baptismal vows my parents had made, I decided to serve the church.
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