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Books can be purchased at:
Drayton: Blooming Dale's  
Fergus: Roxanne's Reflections
Durham: Wilson Travel 
Elora:  519-846-5204 
The Aggie books: The Brucedale Press website, my website and independent bookstores.
A Rare Find: Amazon/Chapters - e-book coming, 
​WinterGrief is available on Amazon, Essence, and my website.
2016 - A New Year - So what's happening on Writeplus?

March: Canadians are invited to choose a woman's face for the new Canadian bank note. 
I will be voting for Agnes Macphail. First woman elected to Canadian House of Commons.
What about you? Check out CBC news online. 
Agnes was born March 24th in Grey County, Ontario - What a nice gift this would be!

Since the long awaited books of the midwife story (A Rare Find) and Aggie's Voice were published in 2013, I've changed my direction for finding homes for my writing. In some ways redirecting one's compass is a good thing for creative juices to flow, however it can be a bit confusing for readers. You'll still find me on this site, adding new information and publications.
     I've enjoyed reading some old manuscripts that had to wait in line and now have moved them to the front of my desk. I've also written several short stories from plots that have been niggling at me. Sometimes a writer has an excellent story brewing in the back of one's mind - not novel length, yet needs to be told. Having some fun doing that. 

EMMA'S CALL topped the shortlist group for WordAlive Press 2016 Fiction Contest. More about this later. Congratulations to four other shortlist and eight honourable mention contestants, and to the winner.

GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE will be published this month (March) Angel Hope Publisher. Watch for more information.

Keep in touch, visit my pages and drop me line. If you're a writer, believe in yourself, in your story and in the movement of the Spirit who tugs you forward to - just do it.

A RARE FIND: Ethel Ayres Bullymore - Legend of an Epic Canadian Midwife
was  released Fall 2013 by Castle Quay Books Canada. I am thrilled to  more . . . 

Visit Ethel's original website at http://the_meadows.homestead.com/ethel.html

21 Promises: Honouring Self in Grief is written for anyone who needs reassurance that grieving is a normal process and does not require anyone’s permission.

To those who have turned away from statements like, “Come on now, don’t cry” and have found space to weep, to wail, to express anger and to feel helpless–Bravo!

And for anyone who has not yet begun the grief process—it is never too late

Written in workbook format, e-book readers can keep a journal to document progress.
2017  - Good Grief People Anthology (Angel Hope Publishing)
2016  - 'Tis the Season (3 Act Play- musical) Elora United Church
2015  - 21 Promises: Honouring Self in Grief (Create Space)
2013  - A Rare Find (Castle Quay,Canada, Toronto, ON)
2013  - Aggie's Voice (Brucedale Press. Pt. Elgin)
2010  - Aggie's Dream (Brucedale Press, Pt. Elgin)
2007  - Aggie's Storms (Brucedale Press, Pt. Elgin)
2006  - I Wonder - I Do (musical script) Hanover Civic Theatre with Leith Singers
2003  - WinterGrief: Personal Response to Grief
1999  - A Gift of Time (3 Act play) Durham United Church 140th anniversary
1996 -  Take Time to Make Memories (ABM Publishing, Durham)
Plays, newspapers columns, magazine articles and short stories

Meadowlanebooks has been converted into "LittleRedBarnstories" for children (young and young-at-heart) and is now available through 'Come to the Farm' series on iTunes. I hope to add stories on this site regularly. 
BLOG - Check out http://littleredbarnstories.com  
PODCASTS - Google Little Red Barn podcasts on iTunes for your enjoyment.
Grieve and Grow blog has found a new home at grieveandgrow.wordpress. Come and find me there. https://grieveandgrow.wordpress.com
WRITING YOUR FAMILY STORY is an exciting part of the process toward digging deeper into family history. Is there someone in your family that has influenced you and others? You might want to begin there. Perhaps you'd like to create a time-line or family tree of known ancestors and write a collective piece. Maybe you'd even like to give some of these ancestors a voice and write through a creative non-fiction style in setting with dialogue. 
Six lessons at $20.00 (including one critique and mentoring) completed on your time will give you a great start to reach this goal. Interesting in reading about this opportunity check out link Writing Your Family Story. (Not offered at this time - check back again).