Macphail Treasures
Dundalk/Flesherton Advance

When Isabel Daley, formerly of Durham and now living in London, parted with some treasured possessions from the past, she contributed to an growing collection of personal artifacts being catalogued for viewing at the Agnes Macphail Day on June 10th, 2006 at Hopeville. (date changed)

Besides this beautiful election poster, Isabel also donated an original Durham Review newspaper with all the ridings listed and the various election returns. 

Donna Mann, organizer of the Macphail project is thrilled to be reminded how Agnes remains in the minds and hearts of Isabel’s generation. “It’s the younger generation, we have to help remember.”  

Thus the invitation of the Agnes Macphail Essay Contest: Dialogue among Grade six teachers in Macphail Memorial Public School, Flesherton; Port Elgin Saugeen Central Public “On the September day when she walked into her first schoolroom at Gowanlocks, Agnes . . .” (Agnes Macphail: Champion of the Underdog, p.10) and Mount Forest Public School (Donna encouraged Agnes’ name to be put on a Grade six project list for Famous Canadian Women). The winner will read at the June 10th day and hopefully in Ottawa when government convenes. 

Donna invites the senior generation to join her in preparing the Macphail Treasures for June 10th, “I welcome any artifacts for the June display, and they will be kept safe and returned.” At this time the committee is looking for funds to carry out their plans for a cairn to be built on the homestead site (corner of #7 side road, Southgate Township and County Road #9) as well as for general expenses on June 10th. Contributions are welcome.